Long & Lasting Dreads Locking Gel 125 ml and 1 lt                      
- specially formulated to lock and maintain dreads

The Dreads Locking Gel makes use of a special combination of ingredients that hold and lock the hair when twisted to form perfect dreads.

The addition of rosemary oil, nourishes the hair and scalp, for healthy dreads.

Long & Lasting Anti-Dandruff Braid & Dreads Spray 250 ml
– Provides extra care for braided hair, dreadlocks or corn rows, leaving a fresh citrus scent.

Long and Lasting Braid & Dreads Spray is formulated with a special blend of ingredients to help protect against dry and itchy scalp. After applying, hair appears shiny and scalp is soothed.

Use regularly to relieve dandruff and improve the condition and appearance of hair and scalp.

Long & Lasting Dreads Holding Wax – specially formulated to hold & maintain dreads

The Dreads Holding Wax combines ingredients to hold and maintain perfect dreads.

The addition of avocado oil, nourishes both the hair and scalp.

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