Twenty years ago, a stylish hairstyle was an expensive and dangerous business. Quality products especially for the needs of african hair, were few and far between, and many of them damaged the hair and scalp. The situation needed the hands-on attention of someone who believed that every woman has the right to look beautiful, without damaging her scalp and hair in the process. It was not an easy task, and required the expertise of a qualified pharmacist to create the perfect formulas to address common problems like dry, brittle hair and dry, flaking scalp.
It took a whole year of personally visiting hairdressing salons throughout South Africa, from the rural Eastern Cape to the busy cities of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, to hear about and really understand the needs of stylists and their clients. The first task was to develop a relaxer that was gentle on the scalp, but at the same time conditioned and softened the hair, allowing for healthy growth.
The Long & Lasting vision was to develop a relaxer that:
1. Relaxes hair effectively without damaging the hair.
2. Relaxes hair with little or no irritation to the scalp.
3. Conditions the hair during the relaxing process, making it soft and silky.

Once this was perfected, aftercare products were developed.  It was equally important to maintain a healthy condition after relaxing the hair. The extremely popular Long & Lasting Oil Moisturer  was developed to have a particularly long-lasting moisturising effect.
All this was possible with the constant feedback of loyal customers throughout the country, who believed in a South African brand designed specifically for our hair types.
Hair stylists soon realised the unique qualities of the Long & Lasting range of products. The continual use of the relaxer, the treatments and the aftercare products enable women to achieve results that are truly long and lasting.
We continue to flourish and have grown our product range, catering for a variety of hairstyles such as dreadlocks, braids, weaves and cornrows.
Long & Lasting products are available in selected wholesalers and retail stores.